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  • The revealing of Donald Trump’s sexist video from 2005 is the final nail in the coffin of his presidential bid as it alienates his core voter segment´- privileged white men – by violating their most prized “possessions” – their women.
  • Senior Republicans are now abandoning the sinking ship in droves before going down with it, focusing instead on their personal elections in order to salvage Republican influence in Congress as they realize Trump’s presidential bid is a lost cause.

Throughout this election, Donald Trump has been a guarantor of controversy. He has threatened to ban all Muslims from entering the US, only later rescinding it in favour of ‘extreme vetting’ while remaining unclear on what would happen to Muslims already living in the country. He has sworn to build a wall along the Mexican border paid for by the Mexican authorities. He has questioned the US’ commitment to NATO while nurturing a bromance with Vladimir Putin. He has offended war veterans, minorities, disabled people, and more.

Every single week of the election has been a source of shocking, disturbing, ignorant and unsettling statements and actions from the Republican candidate. Thus, it might come as a surprise that only now, after an old sexist video unearthed of Donald Trump essentially admitting to sexual harassment of women and assaulting a married woman, criminal offences in their own right, the foundation beneath the Republican candidate is beginning to crumble. Whereas before it was primarily experts and lower ranking officials abandoning him, we are now seeing several former Presidents, democratically elected Republicans, former ministers, and presidential candidates leaving him in droves.

While this might seem puzzling that this case is the straw that broke the camel’s back compared to the slew of other offences and offensive statements the candidate has engaged in, there are a few rather straightforward explanations.

Trump has crossed a precarious line by hitting the core Republican voter segment in their most vulnerable spot: the privileged white man and his ‘property’. Women.


First, Trump has crossed a precarious line by hitting the core Republican voter segment in their most vulnerable spot: the privileged white man and his ‘property’. Women. Wives, daughters, sisters. However anachronistic it might seem, this possessive sense of ownership is at the very heart of the identity of the conservative Republican voters.

Second, he has admitted to breaching the law. Worse, he has bragged about breaching the law. This is a first, even for Donald Trump, and it has caused an uproar amongst Republican women, who are one of the core segments that any Republican candidate must win in order to secure the presidency. Mitt Romney failed in 2012 even as he accrued 53% of those votes. It is now inconceivable Trump will gain as many or more.

Even the most optimist Republicans have realized by now that it is a lost cause and are abandoning ship so that they will not sink with it. Many of them are also on election on the 8th, and are by now aiming at salvaging whatever Republican influence in Congress they can, in order to rebuild the party after the loss at the elections.

So congratulations to Hillary Clinton, and condolences to those countries unfortunate enough to have leaders endorsing Trump – such as Milos Zeman in the Czech Republic and Viktor Orban in Hungary. You deserve far better.

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